Immigration Fees


These are fixed professional fees only. Please add 20% VAT and disbursements where applicable. In some circumstances, the fees may be higher depending on the nature/complexity of the applications. We will endeavour to relate this to you at the earliest.

All fees include time for preparation and submission of immigration applications. It includes:

  • Attendance on client, consideration of documents, taking of instructions and providing advice on the options, law & procedure and requirement of documentation, preparing and submitting the application, advising the client on timelines and the outcome of their application(s).



  1. Visitor £400
  2. Fiancée £600 - £750
  3. Spouse £600 - £750
  4. Family Reunion £500
  5. Elderly parents/family £600 - £750
  6. European Spouse or Family £750
  7. Entrepreneur £3500
  8. Investor Visa £15,000
  9. Work Permit £2000


  1. File transfer/Subject Access Request £200
  2. Spouse/unmarried partner £750
  3. Application to extend Leave to Remain £500

(spouse/unmarried partner/student)

  1. Initial Work Permit £1000
  2. Sponsor Licence £3000
  3. Indefinite Leave to Remain:
    1. Spouse £1500
    2. Work permit £2500
    3. Entrepreneur £3000
    4. 10 year legal £1500
    5. 20 year long residence £2000
    6. Child 7 year £750 - £900

(depending on number of applicants)

  1. British Citizenship:
    1. Adult naturalisation £350 - £550
      (depending on complication of travel)
  1. Child registration £150 per child

(concession of £50 if more than 2 children)

  1. Passport applications £150 each
  1. Family Life/Human Rights £1000
  2. Asylum applications:
    1. Up to Screening Interview £750
    2. Up to decision £750
    3. Refusal and grounds £350
    4. Appeal to First Tier Tribunal £1500
    5. Permission to First Toer Tribunal £350
    6. Permission to Upper Tribunal £350

(concession applied if existing client)

  1. Permission hearing with no directions £500
  2. Permission hearing with directions £750
  3. Permission to Court of Appeal £500
  4. Hearing at Court of Appeal £1500
  1. Judicial Review:
    1. Paper application (1st stage) £2500
    2. Oral renewal £750
    3. Hearing £750
  2. Injunctions for deportations £1500
  3. Bail £1500
  4. Statutory Declarations/Affidavits £250
  5. Power of Attorney £150
  6. Document checking £350
  7. Cover letter only £150



  1. Once an application has been submitted, any follow up after the expiry of time window by the Home Office to make a decision will incur per item charges on hourly rate.


  • Court Fees:

Fees varies for each stage of appeal.

  • First Tier Tribunal: The link below provides further information about the fees when appealing to the First Tier Tribunal

  • Judicial Review at the Upper Tribunal:

  • Court of Appeal fees:

  • Counsel fees:

This will be dependent on the seniority/year of call of counsel instructed. The fee will be agreed and payable prior to counsel being instructed. Counsel fee varies for different stage of work

  • Interpreter’s fee:

It is not compulsory to use firm appointed interpreters. Potential clients are advised to use your own interpreter or have a trusted companion to translate. Where required we may suggest some companies; independent interpreter’s will be instructed from recognised agencies. Fees may include interpreter’s travel and waiting. Fees will be quoted for the approximate time required on hourly basis and can vary if attendance prolonged. All fees will be agreed and payable prior to interpreter confirmed

  • Document Translation:

We will seek at least 3 quotes and upon confirmation, fees must be placed on account prior to us instructing work.

(20% VAT – Incurred where applicable)


Entry Clearance Applications:

Whilst the Home Office’s timescale for dealing with Entry Clearance Application can vary depending on the country of application, we would expect most applications to be decided within about 4 weeks. The timescale may also depend on the type of visa applied for; for example, a tourist visa or visitor visa may be decided within a short period of time while a spouse visa or other forms of settlement visa may take a lot longer. There are fast-track provisions for certain types of visas and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

In-country Application to the Home Office:

The Home Office’s timescale for dealing with applications can vary depending on the type of application and the workload at the time of the application. Some applications have been known to take 6 to 9 months! The Home Office’s general advice has been not to make any travel arrangements when an application is pending decision. There are fast-track provisions for certain types of visas and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

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